Day 97. Salvaterra de Miño & Moncao

Еще один одноарочный римский мост по дороге в Галисии…
День 97. Сальватерра де Миньо & Монсао
Deu – la – deu: (с португальского) «Ей дал Бог» быть сильной, независимой и умной женщиной. Крепость Монсао до сих пор хранит легенду о Deuladue Martins, которая в 1368 году спасла город от испанцев.
Moncao. Fortress
“Moncao is home and witness to the tale endlessly recounted to the children of a generation to which the traveler himself belonged, namely that of Deuladue Martins. She was a resourceful woman who, when the town was besieged and lacking basic supplies, sent the citizens to collect and cook the very last of the flour into little sweet-smelling balls which she then tossed over the ramparts with an air of grand munificence, thus – by disseminating a conviction as to the futility of continuing the siege – routing the troops of Henry II of Castile in their attempt to seize the fortress. This occurred in 1368, a period of considerable political machinations, and a time of easy belief in artificial tactics profoundly lacking in imagination.” (© “Journey to Portugal” J. Saramago)