Day 16. Malta. Vittoriosa

День 16. Мальта. Витториоза
Дворец инквизитора
Paolo, 60-year-old neo-Christian slave of Gio. Batta Agius, a wine merchant from Valletta
“My master ill-treated me so much that once in a moment of despair I said that it would certainly have been better for me had I remained a Muslim, since Muslim slaves were in a much better condition than I was. I was reported to the Inquisition for having said these words, and was imprisoned on 9 May 1773. I remained imprisoned for three months until 17 Augus 1773, when, after being examined by the doctor of the Holy Office I was found to be seriously ill and was therefore sent to the Holy Infirmary. I did not retrun to the prisons once I had regained my health”.
Don Francesco Vestuso, 37-year-old Sicilian priest from Palermo
“I arrived to Malta in 1636 when I was granted pardon from a sentence of rowing on the galleys for ten years for killing a Sicilian woman. In Sicily I had learnt a lot of magic incantations and owned a number of prohibited books on devil invocation and sorcery. When I came to Malta people started making use of my knowledge for their personal everyday needs. On one occasion I was reported to the Inquisitor for having made inappropriate use of holy oil and other sacramental paraphernalia. I was imprisoned on 29 September 1637 after two days on the run from the Inquisition’s officials and underwent torture.
I was found guilty on all counts and was released from prison on 29 September 1637, on the day of my sentence, according to which I had to hear Mass the following Sunday kneeling at the front door o the Porto Salvo parish church in Valletta holding a candle and with a placard denoting my crime. I was also exiled perpetually from Malta”.
Sara Cheevers, 50 years of age, British Quaker from Wiltshire, wife of Henry
Katharine Evans, 40 years of age, British Quaker from Somerset, wife of John
“We came to Malta in 1659 on our way to the Holy Land to preach our religious convictions. The Holy Office was immediately warned of our arrival. We were questioned by the Inquisitor and released immediately afterwards but were arrested on 4 April 1659 after we distributed some religious pamphlets. We remained imprisoned for three years and three months and were set free on 31 July 1662, only after the officials of the Inquisition were convinced that we were not going to change our opinions and after political pressure by other Quakers from all over Europe. We continued with our missions unabated after this dreadful experience”.
Путешествие по Мальте закончилось удивительной встречей. Странница познакомилась с молодым человеком, который остался жив, подвижен и более-менее здоров, упав с утеса высотой с семиэтажный дом. Пусть будет больше чудес! :)