Trip 2015-16. Day 164. Ireland, Roscommon. Ирландия: Роскоммон

A lady selling sweets in Roscommon
I loved the colors in that shop. All those orange, red, black, blue little drops that Mary used to put in my hand. Seven of them - for each day of the week. My favorite candy was the pink one - it was sour and sweet at the same time and I left it until the last day. It reminded me of Mary. She lived in a dark cold house but always met us with a tender, beautiful smile. She had lovely kind eyes and told us the same story every time we dropped into the shop before going to the cinema on Saturday. I've forgotten it unfortunately.
Last weekend I was in town and went over to buy sweets for my kids. Mary opened the door for me, smiled and said: “Remember I told you that my father had the first bicycle store in Roscommon…”
A lady selling sweets in Roscommon


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