Couchsurfing. From Chiang Mai to Barcelona

Couchsurfing. From Huaykaew Road to Rambla del Raval

Couchsurfing in Chiang Mai
Carrer d'en Robador in Barcelona
I hosted this guy through couchsurfing in Chiang Mai last winter. He was also one of my Thai massage "victims".
There were a lot of travelers who passed through my house before or after vipassana courses. But he's the only person I hosted whose attitude towards life is deeply rooted in buddhist teachings and meditation.
Today we had philosophical coffee in the university of Barcelona, tasted Pakistani samosa in Carrer d'en Robador ("thief") and visited the library of Catalunya in the former hospital.
Tomorrow Alejandro is leaving Barcelona for good. I'm happy that he found time to meet me and show me that different side of this crowded city which is "stolen" from tourists.
Buena suerte, amigo, in your new place!
Nothing is permanent but…
Viva couchsurfing!
Viva friendship!
Viva travel!
Library of Catalunya