Trip 2015-16. Day 104. Turkey, Side. Турция: Сиде

She’s a little girl, a hippy,
Dreadlocks, tattoos.
They had a fight a minute ago
And she is still confused.

There are no sheets
And the carpet is full of cats’ hair.
It is easy to leave this place
But it is not fair.

It’s dark and filthy
And smells like shit.
She struggles to smile
But she can not quit.

She moved in with him.
It was five months ago.
She’s trapped in his flat
With no other place to go.

There’s no fresh air
It’s impossible to breathe.
But she will not go out
To feel the breeze.

She’s just a little girl,
A hippy with sad eyes.
It’s easy to leave this place
But there's no disguise.