Trip 2015-16. Day 400. Hitchhiking from Germany to Portugal: Carcassonne - Celorico da Beira

Before my friend turned 30, she made a plan to reach Portugal in two days. We were trying to hitch out of the petrol station not far away from Carcassonne in France when that Portuguese truck pulled in. I decided to try my Spanish:
- Portugal?
- Sí.
- Pero hoy Portugal?
- No.
- Mañana?
- Sí.
- Podemos viajar contigo?
- Sí, pero voy a descargar en Toulouse.
- Duermes en Toulouse a noche?
- No, en Irun, España.
So, he's going to stop in Irun for the night and then go to Portugal tomorrow, I said to my friend, and we got into the truck that two days later brought us to Celorico da Beira in the center of Portugal. It’s hard to describe the incredible experience we had traveling for two days with our hero driver Carlos. We had a lot of fun!
Hitchhiking a truck from France to Portugal
I think we’ve heard that song ten times during the trip.
And the word “hierba” was repeated one hundred times.
And I also learned that “un sexo es un sexo” and that “a todo el mundo gusta el sexo” and it was part of just a small talk during a long distance drive following the sun :)
Hitchhiking a truck from France to Portugal
And I’m sure all the thousand drivers on that parking lot where we stopped for a night envied ours (just saying :). He slept on the upper bed and we, two girls, downstairs (but nobody around could guess that).
Hitchhiking a truck from France to Portugal