Trip 2015-16. Day 395. Hitchhiking from Germany to Portugal: Dusseldorf - Arlon

Before my friend turned 30, I learned that green bananas are transported in big trucks from Antwerp to Prague and have to be kept there for two weeks until they get yellow. The czech driver was so much afraid of us that he interrogated us for half an hour before we could get into his truck:
- Who are you?
- Hitchhikers.
- What do you do?
- Computer programming.
- Where’s your computer?
- In the backpack.
- Are you robbers?
- No.
Seemed like our answers were persuasive enough and we managed to travel with him all the way to the mysterious town in Belgium called “L-ee-g-e”.
Today we accidently traveled 75 km to the north so that we could go 200 km to the south with eight lifts (two of them in the long-distance trucks).