4-day Terceira itinerary. Day 3. Local fruits and skinny dipping

Strawberry guavas on Terceira, Azores

Day 3

On that day, the weather decided to show its wet and windy face, which forced us to stay indoors or almost indoors. During the morning drizzle, we ventured out into the garden to forage for some local fruits. We found tiny sweet strawberry guavas, which are widespread in the Azores. They would serve as our only dessert if we didn’t get an opportunity to join our host for breakfast again in the local bakery. That time we opted for a cheesecake as compensation for the gray gloomy weather. And it was not simply delicious, it was divine!

The rest of the morning and early afternoon we spent in the house of our hosts waiting for the rain to stop or at least pause. As soon as it happened, one of us braved the wet slippery roads and walked down to the natural pools. This time, she chose the secluded ones with not a human soul around but with colorful rainha fish in the water. It was a lovely wild place for skinny dipping against a backdrop of the roaring stormy ocean.