Trip 2015-16. Day 70. Ireland, Clara. Ирландия: Клара

Hitchhiking from Clara to the Rock of Dunamase

Hitched with my Chinese friend from Clara to the Rock of Dunamase and back – 100 km, four lifts.
The first lift we got was with an Irish car mechanic and he told us “If it was one girl on her own I wouldn't take her but two are ok.” Hitchhiking is always full of surprises :)
Hitchhiking in Ireland
Dunamase castle (XII century)
Dunamase castle
Dunamase castle
When we got into that abandoned cottage through an open back window it felt as if the owner could return any minute. Everything was in its place – books, bed covers, plates, toys. People left all their stuff behind, locked the front door and walked away. It wasn't comfortable to wander around those dusty rooms so we very quickly headed back to the window and jumped out.
Abandoned cottage in Ireland
Simon was lying on the grass outside. He smiled at us, winked and said “Now I need your help”. It seemed like we were lined up for something half-legal again. He pointed at the police station and whispered “The chairs”. They were piled up in the yard. We ended up helping ourselves to the very nice wooden chairs from the police station. And off we went, an English man, a Chinese girl, and me, a Russian immigrant from Israel, marching through a little Irish village. We took some breaks on the way. One of them was in front of the church. We just put the chairs down and sat on them to have rest. The locals stopped, staring at us in absolute bewilderment. Next time Simon, our chairman, decided to have a break on the corner of the busiest intersection. The drivers would get confused and stop in the middle of the road trying to figure out what was going on. It caused the biggest traffic jam this village has ever seen probably. At least, nobody was killed while three of us were enjoying the sun sitting on the police chairs...
Clara, Ireland