Trip 2015-16. Day 71. Ireland, Clara. Ирландия: Клара

From Clara to Black Head (Burren) and back - 300 kilometers, eleven lifts.. Hitchhiked for the first time with my couchsurfing host who used to live in squats and hitch all around the world.

Irish farmer: I don't like to look after sick people but I love my cows. I talk to them and I like to look after them.
You know what is the smell of summer? It's when you open hey in January...

French tourist couple: So, you travel without vehicle? Why you don't hire a car?
Simon: Because I live here.

Romanian taxi driver: Where are you going? To Dublin?
- No, we are going to Clara, it's near Athlone.
- But on your sign it's written Dublin.
- Yes, because it's the same direction.
- But people should know where you go. I'll take you to Dublin for free.
- Listen, I know exactly where I live. I've been here for seven years.
- Are you sure? But your sign is Dublin.
We were very happy that he let us out of his car in Athlone :)

We: We've just hitched all the way from Galway.
Irish bus driver: I'll take you for free for your adventurous spirit.
Black Head, Ireland