Trip 2015-16. Day 87. Ireland, Roscommon. Ирландия: Роскоммон

The day started with a hitchhiking trip from Clara to Roscommon. Two lifts, 70 kms, one hour... I got out of the car on the main town square and immediately someone greeted me.
Are you the guy from the “Melting pot” pub? - I asked.
- Yes.
- Do you know Sean? Sean O'Neill?
- I do, yes. Where are you coming from?
- I just came from Clara hitchhiking. I'm Katya.
- Oh, hello Katya. Sean told me a lot about you.
Feels like a real melting pot... And I've only been here for a month!
Gerry Jago - сгусток ураганной положительной энергии, смеха, счастья. Живет настоящим, и каждый момент с ним живой и настоящий. Такой ирландский буддист :)